Could our very different approach to “The Business of Dentistry” seriously impact your income, quality of life and practice value, while generating more than it costs. Explore, You decide.


Those we are right for see a significant impact in their income and quality of life.

Who is “The Dental Business Solutions Team”? How can they effect your financial health and well being?

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Dr. Eric Studley has first hand experience of what works and more importantly, what does not work to increasing profits for dentists. Click below to learn how he can make a difference to you and how you run a dental business with controlled profitable growth.

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Charles L. Feitel is a Dental Real Estate Expert that turns the necessity short term dental office space into a life long investment. Click below to learn how he can impact your practice.

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Mark Balog is a CPA and Profitability Consultant with a very different approach for select dentists. Click to learn more about Mark.



“The Dental Business Solutions Team is available for select speaking engagements, let’s talk to see if we are right for your group of dentists.”